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the day. the rest of the bay area not too bad out by inverness and point rays and novato highway 101 through lucas valley road, san rafael, mid to upper 50s as you head out, showers to continue to develop throughout the north bay, then spread south throughout the afternoon heavier rain overnight into friday morning grab that umbrella in the north bay or out for an extended period today. >>> good morning. wet roads from overnight showers, bay bridge live look, no issues, we have high winds on the bay bridge this morning, no metering lights and no other problems on the span. san jose, live look at northbound 87 past the hp pavillion, left side, traffic light as you can see, one problem in napa due to wet roads and animal car swerved to miss a deer, flipping blocking northbound lane 121 at 128 there's a "sig alert" in effect there. northbound 880 hegenberger earlier accident cleared. >>> in sonoma county residents and businesses are preparing for the next round of storms. nearly an inch of rain fell in downtown petaluma yesterday. some in low-lying areas say they are not taking chances.
is lightening up. we are seeing some rainfall right now and a brief downpour around the novato area, san rafael and heading out toward the central bay here from san francisco to san ramon, fremont and getting into the san jose area. the rain is not through with us just yet. live doppler 7hd will be tracking more showers for the morning commute. i will be back with the details coming right up. >> thanks very much. >>> developing news, two children trick-or-treating in the rain were hit by a car in santa rosa. police say there were adults with the children who tried to stop them from entering a crosswalk and running into the path of a car. a four-year-old girl and a ten-year-old boy were hit. now, the good news here is they are expected to recover. the driver stopped at the scene on north dutton avenue and we are told is cooperating with police. >>> new at 11:00, san francisco police just released new images of the arsonists caught in the act of torching a muni bus. the crowd of revelers turned violent after the world series victory in detroit. ama dates is live in san francisco. >> carolyn, the
for the time being, 8:00 we are looking at good conditions around the bay. this morning there is fog in novato also in livermore. with thickening high clouds today, temperatures are going to be cool, numbers around 60° in san francisco, 61 san mateo, 63 more sunshine around san jose maybe a few sprinkles along the coast. tomorrow this time, very heavy rain, wind advisory through 11:00 tomorrow morning. next system late thursday night. >>> back to the bay bridge, [ inaudible ] eastbound open, metering lights light -- on. once you get past the metering lights sluggish, brake lights once you approach the tunnel, moving but slowly. things pick up on the san francisco side of the span. westbound t.i. ramp closed for the time being. 80 west highway 4 car in center divide no significant slowing. drive times, 580 up and over the altamont not bad, slow out of tracy highway 4 is jammed out of antioch towards concord there's your east shore freeway commute from carquinez bridge which is very, very foggy into the macarthur maze. >>> new this morning, apartment rents in the bay area and across the country
jardinero de los nacionales, bryce harper fue seleccionado novato del aÑo en la liga nacional, bryce harper registrÓ promedio de .270 con 22 jonrones, 59 remolques y 18 robos. harper, de 20 aÑos, es el segundo novato del aÑo mÁs joven en la historia, un mes mayor que el ex lanzador de los mets dwight gooden cuando ganÓ el mismo tenemos noticias de un grande del futbol que se encuentra hospitalizado. se trata del el exfutbolista brasileÑo edson arantes do nascimento "pelÉ", de 72 aÑos, estÁ ingresado en un hospital de sao paulo, informaron hoy fuentes me Édicas. pero no ofrecieron mÁs informaciones a pedido de la familia del exfutbolista . sin embargo, el diario folha de sao paulo, citando una fuente anÓnima proxima a pelÉ, afirmÓ que el exjugador se habrÍa sometido a una operaciÓn en la cadera para corregir un problema de fÉmur. a nivel local se jugo la final de la liga boliviana veteranos mayores de 50 aÑos, en uno de esos partidos donde la expreciencia marca la diferencia, peru usa se proclamo campeon al derrotaro 3-2 a boca, tenemos imagenes y reacciones esta noche a l
>> the family is suing the city of novato against the death of her daughter after this tragedy in september. when the driver struck her and she died. the parents are also suing the city, the driver, drivers employer and pg&e. >> take a look. this is in efforts of the cleanup efforts in this daly city neighborhood. residents are still cleaning up after yesterday's mud slide. early yesterday morning, the cast iron pipe burst that was infrastructure from the 1930's. this was forcing nabors to run for safety. the bobcats and neighborhood workers are getting ready for the rainfall. >> we're trying to keep everything to contain it. >> the cruise for digging a ditch:that this rainfall will run off into a nearby greenwich area the will to back out to work in the first thing in the morning and favors are hoping they can get this work done in time so they do not have to deal with this. again. >> the main goal over the weekend is to make sure that we can protect the residents and not cause any adverse mudflows that is really our main focus. >> our team coverage continues and as a j. r. st
well a lot of green on our roadway centers. a top speed is coming out of novato and approaching the golden gate bridge. james >> thank you erica. two armed robbery suspect are in custody after cellphone video issues to capture them driving erratically in east oakland. it happened monday around 4:00 p.m. on high street. at one point, the suspect pointed at the two victims demanding their cellphone. however the victims refused something the oakland police department does not recommend. >> life is far more valuable the property. in this case we are lucky no one got injured or killed. we want to stress that what is paramount is that paproperty is not worth your life when you have an armed person demanding something from you. it is not worth getting shot or killed over. this particular couple is very lucky that nothing happened to them they did not get injured. at the same time we want to express your personal safety is paramount. we do not want to see anyone struggling over property which could be replaced because a life cannot be replaced. >> investigators recognized one of the sus
highway 101 traveling towards best buy, already bust ing -- bustling 10 minute drive from novato. >>> developing news from san rafael, fight in a nightclub results in gunfire outside the club. two hospitalized. it happened at club 101 in the 800 block of west francisco boulevard where terry mcsweeney joins us with a live report. >> reporter: abc7 news first on the scene, across the street from me you can see san rafael police are here they say they are going to be here most of the morning collecting evidence there's a lot to collect, a lot of shell casings in the parking lot you can see a number of vehicles every one of them according to the lieutenant belonged to a victim, suspect or part of the evidence-gathering process going on because some have been hit by gunfire thinking when the sun comes up they are going to see bullet holes in the restaurant and dollar tree store out here take a look at pictures from earlier officers tell me this happened 12:30 this morning. there had been a concert at club 101, 200 feet from highway 101, the concert, there was a brawl inside spilled ou
into the forties. 37 in novato. low forties' for santa rosa and napa. oakland at 43. 38 in concord. they're filled almost hitting the freezing mark a chilly start. what weather activity dropping down from the pacific northwest. it was the parts of northern california. it started to break apart we could see moisture around santa rosa and the locations north of that. a lot of clout cover associated with that we could see rain jobs as well. sunshine mild conditions pretty much everywhere else. futurecast 4 predicts by 12:00 blue on your screen indicates everyone in the '50s. we will squeeze out some 60s in the afternoon highs. better tonight interest dropped back down to the 50's and 40's. >> here's a look at your afternoon highs 64 for oakland. 63 in hayward. livermore climbing to 65. upper 50s in daly city. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows into the rest of the week. it will be dry until potentially thursday. we will start to see more clouds associated with another weather system that could produce light rain. chance of wet weather for saturday. it in creases heavier rain expected as
against the the city of novato in hopes that they would be more conscious of these crimes. >> the family is also suing the driver and the drivers employer pg&e despite the police department's investigation of haiti's death desciting the driver did not break the law. >> we have wet weather in bound probably for tonight erica says brace yourself we have it wed series of days ahead and yes. your weekend looks like a soccer. 55 in san francisco. 65 later this afternoon. we are back. national headlines this morning today scheduled hearing for colorado movie theater suspect james holmes has been postponed. his attorney is requested a delay after the suspect was taken to the hospital for an unspecified injury. he is accused of killing 12 people and wounding 58 others in the screening of the latest bad man film in this past july. >> also this morning the doping scandal surrounding lance armstrong is causing yet another big change. his foundation has dropped his name from its title. for years the foundation has been known as a live strong. it is now officially called a live strong foundation. on
hispano en el congreso, llegaron 10 legisladores novatos elegidos el 6. y olas de secuestros express en el salvador. y aumentan las cifras de damnificados por sandy en nueva york. comenzamos. ♪ ♪ >>> este es su "noticiero univisiÓn" con jorge ramos y marÍa elena salinas. >>> comenzamos con el escÁndalo que obligÓ a la renuncia. otro general fue tambiÉn acusado de comunicaciones indebidas con una mujer. como nos explica lourdes del rÍos la cosa se complica, y sabremos si se puso en peligro la seguridad de estados unidos. >>> el condecorado general no es el Único que estÁ en problemas. >>> segÚn el pentÁgono investigan a john allen, principal comandante en afganistÁn por comunicaciones inapropiadas, es la mujer que notificÓ al fbi que recibÍa correos intimidatorias de la amante del general petraeus. >>> estÁ en servicio activo en funciones y sÍ estÁ sujeto al cÓdigo penal militar en el que el adulterio lo puede llevar a juicio militar. >>> y el general dijo no saber nada de esto. mientras el fbi investiga. la seÑora kelly no tiene posiciÓn, es una voluntaria y una ciud
no matter where you are going or coming from this morning. a little fog, novato quarter mile visibility. temperatures running from 38 in fairfield to 55 at half moon bay, 51 in san francisco, most of us in the 40s. by the afternoon, high clouds and sun low to mid 60s coast, mid 60s to low 70s bay upper 60s to near 70 inland. >>> it is light this morning. very light. golden gate bridge virtually no cars coming into san francisco. good news, no fog at least on the golden gate or over the waldo. we'll be tracking traffic around the shopping mall, best buy in san rafael is busy stretch of 101 through there not so bad. san mateo bridge people are out towards foster city probably going shopping over there. we've got 87 past hp pavillion very light. we'll get back to but in a little bit. >>> developing news in san rafael, police are investigating an early morning nightclub shooting that sent two to the hospital. it happened before 1:00 in morning at club 101 on west francisco boulevard and anderson drive near highway 101. the club was hosting a concert a disturbance inside spilled out into the
. >>> and a fine-year-old girl was killed by a drunk motorcyclest. novato officials agreed to construct a memorial for melody who was struck in across walk back in 2009. they claimed that the city of novato was claimed to be negligent in the crosswalk. a man was killed in prison shortly after being sentenced. >>> he pled not guilty after appearing in court for the first time. deputy phillips, a seven year veteran with the department is accused of robbing the bank of america in balboa in san francisco. finger prints led to his arrest. we tried to speak with him outside the court but he did not have a response. >> please don't bother him. he will proof his up sense in court. we have no comment right now. please don't bother him. >> is he currently out of jail on $150,000 bail and he is scheduled to appear in court again on december 17th. >>> san jose police chased away two people who tried to are rob a store. two armed men wearing masks and hooded sweatshirts walked in to story road. one of the men fired at the female owner who fired back with her own gun. then the owner chased them out of the store
for this hour, clear there, no fog. san rafael southbound 101 out of novato past lucas valley road and the civic center tail lights southbound towards lincoln and central san rafael at the limit, light this morning. one problem in napa county, "sig alert" highway 121 at 128, two-lane highway northbound lane blocked with overturned vehicle in the clearing stages northbound 880 at hegenberger still in the right lane. >>> 4:49. los gatos police released new video of brazen jewelry store robbery, two men wearing masks and carrying pistols ed into the store tuesday, one man can be seen pointing a gun at customers and employees, another begins smashing display cases with a hammer, the two men got away in a grey jetta with north carolina plates. officers found that vehicle a few minutes later the stolen jewelry and robbers were gone. >>> gatorade drinkers may be getting more than they bargained for. next, the surprising ingredient that sparked a movement to get it removed. >> government's plan to set off a nuclear bomb on the moon. the >>> good morning. 4:52. live look from our camera atop vollmer peak
of in the north bay. around novato, santa rosa, visibility over a mile. record warmth in the days ahead. beautiful shot electric emeryville and the sun you are noticing coming up earlier. 6:39 is sunrise. i'll be back in taking a look at the heat and then a big cool down after that. that's all next. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, it was only the third game of the season, but had the intensity of a playoff game. the warriors leading from the opening tip in l.a., but could they hold off the clippers? we've got the highlights coming up in sp "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> so we turn the clock back this morning. it's not 7:19, it's 6:19 and i'm here with our meteorologist lisa argen talking about kind of an unusual weather this week. >> very much so. in fact, we are looking at six to ten degrees above average today. 15 to 20 degrees above average tomorrow through election day. and then we will go the other direction. a live look outside right now fro
this morning. >>> latest visibilities have improved novato up to 10 miles, napa up to three. santa rosa is where the heart of the fog is where it going to below visibility throughout your morning commute. storm track well north, look at the winds blowing offshore that land breeze bringing us record high temperatures asterisks where a record high is going to be set today. mid to upper 70s to near 80 coast, low to mid 80s bay, low to mid 80s east bay valleys, mid to upper 80s in the north bay valleys, even warmer to the south around the monterey bay, 84 monterey, 85 morgan hill, everybody else flirting with 90 tomorrow record highs possible once again, temperatures drop wednesday wetter thursday. >>> prince charles and his wife camilla are down under for a six day tour of australia they landed earlier today after a quick stop in new guinea. the six-day tour will include stops in several cities part of the queen's diamond jubilee celebration. following the visit they are set to travel to new zealand. >>> facebook is giving new user to the site a feworial on privacy settings, this -- to the
of novato towards san rafael past freitas parkway, no brake lights just tail lights in some company but moving at the limit towards central san rafael into the golden gate bridge. minor delay for cash paying folks at bay bridge toll, no metering lights yet that will probably kick in a couple of minutes. rohnert park north 101 signal lights not working off-ramp. southbound 880 whipple stall lane two, 68 opa! chico mattress in the left lane. be -- 680, >>> developing news from san francisco, overnight police pursuit ended in two crashes, hospitalized bicyclist. terry mcsweeney joins us live from the mission district with new information. >> reporter: new information from the chp and new information from city workers. looks like it is not going to be until noon before the lights go back on at 17th and south van ness that is going to be a problem, nobody is out here directing traffic. they've flares out now, i've seen people come through at 30 miles an hour, reason that we have in problem is because the signal box got knocked over at the end of an incident that began 2:00 this morning o
fog up to the north and novato and santa rosa. that has brought the visibility down to less than a half-mile in in novato and about a mile in santa rosa. live doppler hd, with cloud cover offshore. this will come into lay tomorrow, the low clouds and fog. more-like a summertime pattern pulling in overnight ton. that will aid in a little bit of cooling for the latter half of your weekend and take us through the neck several days. we have that to look forward. to right now we have north win allowing for the temperatures to stay up in santa rosa. 52, i should say, san francisco. but we are cool in the upper 30s from the delta, napa and santa rosaa with that limited visibility. 45 in san jose. good morning, livermore. you are on your way to a very filed afternoon. take a look at salinas at 64. we look at these numbers. into the mid-70s today. if you like it sunny, mild, spring like, you will like the next several days. we are look slowly at the high ridge of pressure and that will bring a return to the rain tuesday and this wednesday. strong winds are anticipated on wednesday, as wel
up. we are seeing some rainfall right now and a brief downpour around the novato area, san rafael and heading out toward the central bay here from san francisco to san ramon, fremont and getting into the san jose area. the rain is not through with us just yet. live doppler 7hd will be tracking more showers for the morning commute. i will be back with the details coming right up. >> thanks very much. >>> developing news, two children trick-or-treating in the rain were hit by a car in santa rosa. police say there were adults with the children who tried to stop them from entering a crosswalk and running into the path of a car. a four-year-old girl and a ten-year-old boy were hit. now, the good news here is they are expected to recover. the driver stopped at the scene on north dutton avenue and we are told is cooperating with police. >>> new at 11:00, san francisco police just released new images of the arsonists caught in the act of torching a muni bus. the crowd of revelers turned violent after the world series victory in detroit. ama dates is live in san francisco. >> carolyn, the
better conditions east bay valleys elsewhere less than a quarter mile from delta, novato and coast, 16th of a mile at half moon bay i airport delays staking up. san jose 43, mountain view and redwood city, 50s by the ocean 9:00 you will notice some of the fog in the delta, even into the south bay lots of sun, hazy sunshine today, enjoy it, it is the last nice afternoon if you like it dry and mild, if you have been waiting for the rain and wind, and high elevation snow, that's on the we will look for this system to bring up subtropical moisture, once it does, a quick shot of rain headed our way throughout your morning commute, until then, we are looking at weak high pressure, staying over the area, then it slides out. as a result, still numbers on the mild side 59 half moon bay, afternoon sun, 63 palo alto, 64 watsonville, milder towards hollister, 67. cloudy skies tomorrow, temperatures a few degrees cooler, rain and wind wednesday morning, break thursday more rain friday into the weekend. what about monday morning commute? >> fog, couple minor incidents. good morning. live look at the s
but as pam said there was a drizzle and you can see novato, overall, today is that in between day and we have mostly cloudy skies. the front is up here and it will take awhile to get here. once it does, it will slow down a little bit. we will be okay through the morning and unless you are in the north, you will not have any problems not until 4:00 it finally starts to move in overnight, light winds to the north unless you have up north of santa rosa but everybody else will be up to 50 and 60 degrees. a break friday morning, more rain saturday night and sunday morning and things calm down monday. >>> we have a tragedy in cupertino, what we now know about a man who lost his life in a shooting rampage last year. >>> what they are saying about that deadly clothing factory fire in bangladesh. >>> we will tell you about an advisory on a bay area bridge coming up, stay tuned. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's
bay. right now between windsor and novato and vacaville, it's wet. novato down to street level. miller creek road we're seeing rain. san rafael lashing larkspur area getting wednesday. grizzly peak boulevard, heading toward orinda it is well right now. it is going to be slow going on the roadways. from the peninsula we are seeing very spotty showers toward the south bay and santa cruz mountains. check out the wind gusts. sfo gusting to 35 miles an hour. arrival delays at sfo almost three hours due to the weather. southerly winds gusting to 32. novato is gusting to 30. higher elevations over 50 mile-an-hour wind gusts. heavy rain and strong winds for the morning. rain will continue on saturday. it's going to be stormy on sunday with the flooding potential. very large circulation. this is our next storm. it is tapping into moisture that stretches way out over the pacific. the subtropical moisture tap will add to the rainfall intensity. let's talk about this computer animation, 7:00 p.m., in the north bay. as we head into 4:00 a.m. some of you heading out the door for the morning commute,
out of novato into the city. the time now is for 08 we have to take a quick break. the kron 4 news will @ñ voters in four states passed ordinances that legalize marijuana. said it would allow people to possess small amounts of marijuana. washington state has become the first to legalize recreational use of marijuana. the measure passed in colorado and massachusetts. a break through victory for the gay- rights movement. maine, maryland, and washington have become the first states to approach same-sex marriage by popular vote. that wrecks a 32 state street dated back to 1998 which gave marriage was rejected by every state that held a vote on it. gay marriage is legal in six states and washington d.c. those laws or domestic by lawmakers or true or roofs. meanwhile minnesota rejected a proposal to ban gay marriage to the state constitution. >> the republicans maintain control of the house of the resrecidivist. both parties need to find common ground. there was a dent in the majority by knocking off 12 republican house members. including tea party backers. >> meanwhile democrats did ta
visibility in novato, 3/4 in napa, livermore down to a quarter mile. watch out for varying conditions as you are driving around this morning. probably the -- i know the reason we are seeing increase of visibility in santa rosa is high clouds are starting to roll in they cap the atmosphere and keep fog from forming if we can get more high clouds we can get rid of that fog. i think it is going to hang around for at least 7:00, especially in the east bay valleys, some of it still could linger in the north bay valleys. high clouds and sun noon, mid 60s heading out for lunch. mild and dry as we head into the 4:00 hour, 70 inland, 63 around the bay, chilly during the evening dress for temperatures falling into the 60s. let's talk about what is going to happen this weekend, low to mid 70s from the coast, saturday, upper 70s sunday, 80s on monday, by the time we get to 80s bay and inland monday we are in the 70s at the coast. hope you have a good morning here's sue with traffic. >>> good morning. live shot of the bay bridge toll, no metering lights few cars headed westbound on the upper deck into sa
. >> yeah. talk about the chill. we have the frost advisory again for the north bay valleys. in novato, visibility less than a quarter mile. it looks nice and clear. the sun coming up in half-hour. 6:46. frosty in many parts of the bay. we will talk about when we will see a warmup and rain coming our way. >> thank you. also stanford plays its final home game against 11th ranked ♪ [ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good! this day. >> so the weather there looks cold and crisp, as well. our meteorologist lisa argen here now to talk about our accuweather forecast for all the veteran's day events taking place here. >> so many ceremonies and parades and it will feat
. even get something report of rain developing under the novato area. also over towards vacaville. and here is a look at that storm system. starting to narrow a little bit. not as strong as the one that moved through last night. and this is going to move through the bay area overnight tonight. by tomorrow afternoon, we will return to sunshine. so that is good news. >> ama: we'll now take you to the north bay where tomas roman is live. and i understand flooding is a concern and sand bags are available. reporter: that's right. now as the rainy season has fully arrived, cities and counties are making sand bags available free of charge, and here in mill valley, sand bags come in handy. >> the intersection of 10 and highway in nil valley shows what happens when high tides meets runoff. ken is a general manager of the ball balboa cafe. >> the precaution is push the cutons off the tables and sand bag the door. the water comes a couple inches deep into the restaurant. >> he showed us the sandbags they put out every night rain is expected, like tonight. sandbags are ready for people to pic
activity there marin county, lucas valley road down to larkspur, middle valley, san rafael, novato that whole area getting light rain right now. this is all coming in with a moist flow off the ocean, all of us could have a little wet weather this morning. once we get to 9:00, i think it becomes very, very scattered, scepter outside of the north bay, where -- except for outside of the north bay, where we have steadier light rain for the better part of the day. around the bay more clouds, stray shower possible, low to upper 60s, north bay bulk of the rain inland mid to upper 60s with low to mid 60s in the north bay where you will get the rain. all of us have more rain tonight, coming up in your forecast. >>> we continue to follow breaking news redwood city. police are diverting traffic after a water main break sent water gushing into the streets. crews are using pumps to remove water from the basements of two homes near warren not far from the san mateo county government center. fire officials tell us the water came from an eight inch diameter main, water shutdown to some of the home
light to moderate. maybe local heavy downpour through novato and sonoma out to vallejo and moving into san francisco. let's close in in marin county south to tiburon and down to the marina area of san francisco. we have got an area of pretty steady rain fall right now and we expect to it expand over the next couple hours and reach other parts of the bay area. this has been the pattern as we loop the radar over the last 3 hours. moving east and south than it had been doing early in the day. all of us will have wet areas by early morning. rainfall total past 24 hours over 4 inches in novato. inch in santa rosa. see most of it has been in the north bay. about to get a nice little soaking in other parts of the bay area as well. accu-weather 7 day forecast a little later. >> okay spencer thank you. see you shortly. storm has the affect on travelers all over the bay area. number of wreck out there today. slick roads mean we need more defensive driving and chp has some good advice for all of us. >> take your time. be patient. want you to leave early to wherever you are going to
morning. showers now in the north bay san rafael coming out of past lucas valley road out of novato towards civic center, nice no issues with headlights towards lincoln boulevard if you go to the metering lights lights are on bay bridge toll just a couple minutes ago i was light, now you can see the damage is done backed towards the west grand overcrossing, little sluggish upper deck into san francisco, overturned vehicle 121 at 128 cleared. >>> 6:10. >> apple is getting ready for a south bay expansion. >>> energy drinks under scrutiny. outside help the fda may be turning to, to figure out if it is safe for consumers. >>> texting and data can add up to hundreds. michael finney and come -- >>> good thursday morning. waking up to dry skies in the city, but there are light showers in the north, sunrise at 7:05 we won't be seeing much of that in the next several days. storm number two on the way today, this one here going to sink south throughout the afternoon most of the rain throughout the day in the north bay by the evening overnight, getting into heavy rain, gusty winds and a look a
is oakland y's 108th homicide this year. >> 48 in novato. i adjusted our morning lows to reflect more 40 degrees readings. a live look outside. visibility still not great. we're seeing fog along the coastline and reduced visibility in the north bay. visibility looks fine through the rest of the bay area. through the overnight hour, dense at the coastline, patchy fog elsewhere. cloud coverage and temperatures in the 60s, but warmer weather on tap for the weekend. >>> also the annual big wave battle is back! when the window opens for maverick's surf competition. plus it's smaller but is it better? we take a look at the ipad mini. >> later in this broadcast, the giants, the day after the parade, they're not fooling around! adios to a player with a pretty big name. ah. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. do you churn your own butter what? too? this is going to give you a head start on your dinner. that seems easier sure does who are you? [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. five delicious cooking sauces you combine with fresh ingredients to make amazin
novato, maybe we are sitting in the upper 50s right now. 55 in oakland, 55 for napa, 57 for santa rosa, light rain santa rosa north as the system works towards us which will not be later this afternoon until tonight. light rain, midst or drizzle further north and highs are mild. upper 50s and 60s to the north, but that strong southeast wind. towards the rushing river area, saturday morning we get a break. monday things calm down. >> well, lunch or a cup of coffee, that is what some coffee lovers are asking a spun important brew. it is $17 for 16 ounces. it is played a rare -- made from a rare variety and it is sold mostly in portland and seattle. >> the line will grow longer for learning how to say that coffee. >>> and we have more on how the movie about oscar grant gained recognition. >>> some people are still dealing with yesterday's rain, stay tuned for more news weather and traffic. . >>> they covered his final hours before he was shot and killed at the fruit station. the movie is starting academy award-winning actress who will be competing and it will be addressed in utah. >>> the
thickness livermore quarter mile there and novato as you head over37 to napa 3/4, improving -- around santa rosa up to two highs now. mainly clear around the bay, mid 40s to low 50s top without high clouds and sun mid to upper 60s this afternoon. high clouds and sun rolls through inland valleys after a foggy start top out around 70 down towards the coast starting off a little humidity dew on the ground, 50, partly sunny, mid to upper 50s at noon upper 50s to near 60 partly sunny sky high clouds and sun for the afternoon. >>> looking good from the carquinez bridge into the macarthur maze 80 westbound a little busier, still just about 20 minutes between those two points traffic looks like it is flowing nicely no metering lights light minor delay paying cash on both sides of the tolls. oakland east 980 at 580 first reports of stall blocking right lane, napa 121 at 29 overturned vehicle blocking a lane there as well. >>> >> 6:01. operation impact is underway in oakland which puts highway patrol officers on the streets to help out the short staffed oakland police department. terry mcsweeney is a
. but, we are in the 30's in fairfield, novato. 37 degrees in fairfield. this live look showing clear skies over the bay area with high clouds for this even inf. temperatures above one, two degrees warmer than what we had last night. we have another cold start and some possible patchy dense fog along highway 1 0 1 as we go towards the afternoon sunshine and high clouds. to start off the morning, the purple heart in the readings in the 30's. and also, mid 40's san francisco, oakland but cooler for livermore, fairfield, santa rosa of nearly freezing for tonight. we will be warmer. the rest of your forecast, coming up. in a nob hill and raleys still on the picket line. they are trying to reach a deal with health care and benefits and reggie kumar has more details. >> that is just one of several issues being negotiated by the united commercial union known as local 5. until an agreement is reached store employees like claudia arszola.. the single mother of two kids. she will continue to strike. >> i'm not going to go back to work until this is settled. >> several customers are supporting w
, into metering lights no problems upper deck light out of novato through central san rafael past freitas parkway to north san pedro road past civic center moving at limit couple problems with ace trains, number 120 minutes late, number 3, -- number 1, 20 minutes late, everybody is on a regular schedule this veterans day. >>> ahead, lance armstrong makes a decision about his livestrong charity following the doping scandal. >>> splintered wood and charred earth is all that remains in an indiana neighborhood. the ongoing investigation into the mysterious weekend blast. >>> trading underway on wall street. dow up 11 points. >>> good morning. here's a look at doppler covering the entire state, a few radar returns in the central valley mainly north where storm is going to stay, 63 eureka today, 59 chico, low to mid 60s sacramento, fresno, big sur, low to mid 70s san diego, los angeles, palm springs, tahoe 49, yosemite 53. >>> let's check with josh elliot for what is coming up on "good morning america." >>> a lot of new questions about the petraeus affair. >>> indeed, questions we will try to answer th
galardonado como mejor novato del año y el jardinero central mike clark fue elegido novato del año en al liga americana, giovani cespedes termino segundo en la votacion, vamos al juego de lunes por la noche pittsburg contra kansas city, si es que le dig oatrapada me quedo corto, fue una atrapadota, shawn desde la yarda 26 le dio la victoria al equipo de pittsburg, también le cuento que los lakers le ganaron a los kings de sacramento 103 por 90, es todo por ahora >> la unviersisad de san francisco le entrego el premio al bien común >> gracias a las sociedades, el premio se lo llevó los gigantes de san francisco >> la organizacion cuenta con una gran variedad de programas dedicados a las necesidaes urgentes de sus familias. >> vamos con adelante del noticiero univisión >> salen a luz a las imágenes de policías que disparan a hombres desarmados >> cuestionan porque el fbi demoró en revelar la información del caso, los esperamos en la edición nocturna. ♪ >> la temporada de incendios forestales terminó en alameda, contra costa y santa clara, las bajas temperaturas y las lluvias de la s
're finding now is heavy rainfall extending to petaluma. also novato, starkly different conditions on the roadways if you are headed up to the north bay, let's say this evening. be prepared to come up on some wet roadways really quickly, take it slow out there. it's the holidays. we're trying to rush and get a lot done. seeing a few sprinkles is going to make it a lot more dangerous. also in san francisco, we're finding some of the worst delays. some developing showers across the peninsula, also near oakland and hayward, running about two and a half hours behind schedule. so if you're picking up anyone at the airport, be prepared for those delays. the overall rainfall totals pretty impressive when you think in the past 12 hours, santa rosa .33. san francisco 0.04. we're going to continue to add to that. not only here but across the bay area. yes, even in the sierra. not too much happening right now. but over the next 6 to 8 hours, if you're heading there tonight, be prepared for possibly some treacherous conditions. some major traffic. that snow is going to start to build. it's not
quarters of a mile in napa. foggy in fairfield concord down to 2 and a half miles. same thing for novato. santa rosa visibility 3 miles right now. we are headed towards a morning of area of dense fog and then check out the pacific. the storm lined up. 3 storms that are developing in the pacific. they will hit the bay area with heavy wind and rain at times. i'll be back with the timing of the systems in just a few minutes. >> all right sand why thanks. >> the fogy weather may have been a factor in a deadly crash that claimed the life of 14-year-old girl riding her bike to school this morning. pickup truck collided with the teen at jefferson avenue andal immediate a redwood city at 8:30 where lillian kim is live with the story. lillian? >>reporter: the fogy wet conditions certainly made for slick roads in this intersection was no exception. this is where the collision occurred and it didn't take long for people to stop by and pay their respects. tragic death of teenager girl has affected the entire community. even members of san mateo county fire department came to the intersection t
in fairfield concord down to 2 and a half miles. same thing for novato. santa rosa visibility 3 miles right now. we are headed towards a morning of area of dense fog and then check out the pacific. the storm lined up. 3 storms that are developing in the pacific. they will hit the bay area with heavy wind and rain at times. i'll be back with the timing of the systems in just a few minutes. >> all right sand why thanks. >> the fogy weather may have been a factor in a deadly crash that claimed the life of 14-year-old girl riding her bike to school this morning. pickup truck collided with the teen at jefferson avenue andal immediate a redwood city at 8:30 where lillian kim is live with the story. lillian? >>reporter: the fogy wet conditions certainly made for slick roads in this intersection was no exception. this is where the collision occurred and it didn't take long for people to stop by and pay their respects. tragic death of teenager girl has affected the entire community. even members of san mateo county fire department came to the intersection to bring flowers. they didn't know th
with the city of novato... this is video of the crime scene back in 2009. melody osheroff and her father, were struck by edward schaefer's motorcycle. have one of his legs amputated. schaefer was convicted on charges of murder and vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. he later died at san quentin state prison, where he was serving his sentence. the family sued the city of novato, claiming the city had not properly maintained the road or the crosswalk. a 15- year- old accused of killing a man... and injuring a police officer back on november 16th in san adult. this is video of the second suspect, jonathan wilbanks, in court last wednesday police are trying to figure out the connection between the two. both suspects are being held for murder, armed robbery and the attempted murder of a police officer. wilbanks did not enter a plea during his court appearance ... and will return to court in december. >> former giants slugger and baseball's home run king ...barry bonds.. is set to appear on baseball's hall of fame ballot for the first time. the ballot will officially be released tomor
, lighter showers around petaluma, novato. street level, eighth street and napa road, very light returns around sonoma area. this is only going to get heavier. so there is concern about some of our rivers. russian river near hopland, flood stage is 21 feet. it is currently over 3 feet and it is expected to crest midday sunday above flood stage. we're talking up to 25 feet. keep an eye on the rivers if you live or work in near that area. russian river at guerneville, flood stage is 32 feet, it's almost 7 feet and expected to crest at 29 feet which is below flood stage, once again, with significant rain expected could see rapid rises on those rivers. that could very much change as we hit the weekend. winter storm warnings until 4:00 p.m. friday in sierra, nevada. we're expecting two to four feet below 8500 feet. carry your chains if you are heading to tahoe. stormy in the morning for the teirn bay area. stormiest shifts to the south an east. temperatures in the upper 50s to mid-60s for friday afternoon. it's going be rough go getting out of town tomorrow. it really doesn't end then. it con
and novato 40's in napa and if and as reticulated temperatures it will be warmer than yesterday. as we take a look at temperatures. pretty much everybody in the 60s with mid upper 60s 70's and the sehigh pressure.. tomorrow could be the warmest a day of the week. today will be pretty mild in the south bay mostly sunny in the east bay. another mild day with napa at 67 degrees. 65 degrees for the afternoon high in the downtown san francisco. the satellite and radar showing some wet weather but it will be drier tomorrow. there are a couple of systems we could see rainfall thursday into friday. that rain will approach the coast with residual showers by saturday. sunday, towards monday the heaviest. temperatures in the 60s and. we will be back with more as we continue to follow the latest developments out of daly city. there is a four block neighborhood in an updated wter main break sent this neighborhood inunda tedd... >> there are eight homes evacuate and about 100 people that do not have water. these cars are inundated with mud there is apparently a leak that was going to the tank. we have a
with sensors speeds over 50 mi. per hour. the drive is 22 minutes out of novato into the city. >> f a queue erica the time is 4:20 a.m.. there was a search and rescue mission as a boat flipped and five people were thrown into the water including five children. rescue helicopters found the people clinging to the whole of the overturned boat. two children were trapped inside the boat which had to be towed to shore. fire fighters cut a hole in--a whol the whole. any after rescuing the children making contact with the children of both understanding that they were alert and conversing. it was a big sense of release because normally these types of incidents to not turn out as well as they did. this is a happy ending today. nobody was injured. certainly no one was killed. the children and parents were reunited and it was a very happy ending. >> very fortunate. two adults and two other children were taken to the hospital by ambulance. officials say none of the people in the boat will rely jackets. >> off fairfield police are still looking for two suspects involved in a series of mail theft. investi
. >> travis bracket, the coach of the week 'v >> let us meet the high school coach of the week. novato.. high school. if they are 6-1 in the marin athletics. leak committee. this is for of then c s bills and pay for the state championship in 20 07, great for you to be here, travis. >> thank-you for dressing up in these reconditions. >> i try to wear shorts. and all of these times. >> you have been here for 13 years and you beat your own drum. >> i have good leadership that supports what i do and we've a great community and novato.. >> perhaps if you were dressed differently if your factory score was different? a lot >> with robbie. with two touchdowns of did against drake and a tailback. >> yes, he is a senior and this year is over 1,000 yds. and he knows the offense of nt is been doing a great job. >> did these guys have a shot at the next level. >> robbie is a sophomore and herbie of course has a bright future. >> that makes you feel good. going it is nice to see these boys too well. >> the defense is led by three different players. >> yes of our linebacker is michael federicky and tervor r
accidents. the drive is 23 minutes out of novato into the city. james. >> thank you not to local mills. we begin out of the east bailor a mother is left devastated after losing her son for a second time. >> we have a photo of the earned in which the ashes were held. the ashes were stolen from her antioch home wednesday night. thieves broke in while she was away. they stole the earn along with the tv and christmas gifts. the mother says the child died at birth. she does not care about other things but she wants the asses that. >> just put it in the mailbox. take it anywhere and lie and say you found them or even throw in my yard were sitting on my car or something. >> i just want it back. >> she says she has filed a police report investigators came out to collect fingerprints on the scene she is openly that they will be able to find these. >> parent at a san jose grade school or upset over how a registered sex offender was given permission to be on campus amid hundreds of children. the 51 year-old man was convicted of molesting a young relative several years ago. he was volunteering at a fe
from novato to john wayne airport today when it lost power to its engine. the pilot tried to reach the van nuys airport but was forced to attempt to land the plane on a soccer field. the plane hit the field and went through a chain link fence before it flipped on a nearby sidewalk. the man and woman who were on board were able to escape with minor injuries.. c-h-p officers are still looking for the driver who hit and killed a woman on highway 101 near the san night. according to the san mateo county coroner's office.. the woman was walking on the freeway near oyster point boulevard at about 8-30 when she was struck. several other vehicles also hit her.. and she died at the scene. investigators say they don't know what lane the first driver was in or how fast they were going. >> menlo park police say that he is recovering from shots after responding to if called at 8:15 a 49 year- old was shuffling from multiple gunshot wounds. - who was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. no arrests have been made. >> a 44 year-old father of fatally teenager. after he was in the fight with a 17
, novato, petaluma, all soggy. almost down to dublin, pleasanton, and livermore, and the showers have not made it to sunnyvale, san jose. everything moving from the north to the south. we'll talk more coming up. >>> cities and towns along the atlantic coast continue to dry out and take stock in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. >> in new york, the sun finally came out today and public transit sputtered back to life. the biggest challenge right now is pump th flood water out of -- pumping the flood water out of tunnels. >> i instituted a 15 minute rule on my team. you return everybody's phone calls in 15 minutes. whether it's the mayor's, the governor's, county official, if they need something, we figure out a way to say yes. >> and the amazing numbers are coming in as well. six million people in 13 states still without power tonight. 68 deaths blamed on the storm. and insurance companies say they've got more than 30,000 claims already. >>> on long beach island in new jersey, homes built on the water are in shambles. and the dunes built to protect the houses ended up in the streets. bo
in the coming days. looks like saturday will be the worst. 62 degrees in san francisco. 61 in novato. comfortable conditions for the second half of the day now that the sun is breaking through the clouds at least up in the north bay. that's where it's going to be the warmest. san jose at 61 degrees. 63 in oakland. temperatures today are going to be nice and comfortable. low pressure races off into the east, high pressure moves in quickly. this is going to bring that sunday out in full force tomorrow and bring your temperatures up a few degrees. we'll see a noticeable warm-up as we get into your weekend. 72 degrees in livermore for today. 76 in santa teresa. 68 down in gilroy. 70s up in the north bay. 71 for santa rosa and 70 degrees in napa. it works out like this. want to spend a little time on your seven-day forecast. we have changes ahead. over the weekend, warmer weather. 81 degrees by sunday. that's your day for outdoor plans. looking good on ta -- might even be able to hit the beach with 72 degrees at the coast. don't forget, we have a time change on sunday. set that clock back
. and in the north bay, we will see some upper 60s to low 70s in places like santa rosa, novato. 68 in san rafael. head out toward the east bay and 67 in oakland and 70 for castro valley, fremont. the clouds will filter your sun a little bit as the sun approaches. don't worry about the rain. it will be mild. fairfield 70, 69 in pleasanton and for the monterey bay, 65 in monterey. 69 in santa cruz. here is a look at the forecast for tomorrow night's game. cal takes on washington huskies, 6:00 tomorrow night at memorial stadium. 58 and then dropping to 56. partly cloudy skies. i would bundle up. accu-weather seven-day forecast warmer for your weekend. midto upper 70s and midto upper 60s coast. low 80s pie bye monday keeping it -- 80s by monday. don't forget to fall back sunday morning at 2:00 a.m. i am so excited. mike will be here 4:30 to 7. >> i am excited about the extra hour of sleep. that's what is doing it for me. >> that extra hour makes a difference. >>> for a california lottery winner, better late than never. >> coming um next -- coming um next, why she >>> listen to this, a close call tur
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